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As cryptocurrencies become more attractive in all world trade, due to their significant benefits in carrying out transactions and investments, many companies and individual users have chosen to join this new world of virtual markets.

Remarkably, prominent, recognized, and influential organizations worldwide have supported cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology because they are an excellent opportunity for profit, profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, and security in transactions.

The most related companies with blockchain ​​and cryptocurrencies

One of the most notable and influential trends, such as soccer, has put all their interest in investments and funds in cryptocurrencies that provide profitability and security when carrying out financial operations. However, it has been taken more as an economical fashion in this area, which could not go unnoticed by the football clubs.

Soccer attracts and moves a large mass of fans who, seeing these investment trends on both parties, find it attractive to follow in the footsteps of their idols, making small investments of great importance for the profitability and demand of the virtual currencies.

Some of the most outstanding clubs related to this crypto world are BARCELONA, ATLÉTICO DE MADRID, JUVENTUS, PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, MILAN, LEVANTE, ARSENAL AND MANCHESTER CITY, among others.

The world of video games is also strongly related to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. One of the leading developed games that implement this business and security model is AXIE INFINITY, which consists of daily battles and confrontations between players, earning coins with NFTs, and Blockchain technology.

The metaverse 

Is the internet innovation and an up-and-coming world for developing the virtual economy; it does firmly relate with cryptocurrencies.

Technology is investing on a large scale because it is the new way of living and reflecting the world every day from the virtual perspective.

Large financial entities are the leading organizations that use blockchain technology due to its excellent security when carrying out transactions.

Among these, we can mention IBERPAY; a payment network that operates with BANCO SABADELL, BANCO SANTANDER, BANKIA, BBVA, CAIXABANK AND BANCO DE ESPAÑA.

Many more sponsors are clinging to this new economic and commercial boom due to its incredibly profitable and lucrative offer, which makes investment demand grow from new interest in acquiring digital assets.

Digital assets show what they can offer in terms of long-term investments; throughout the year 2021, we observed how cryptocurrencies had significant ups and downs, but at the end of the year, the profits were millionaires.

Many invested wisely during the bearish periods and managed to reap the rewards in the highest periods that Bitcoin reached in this case.

The same is happening with the Metaverse, for now, it is technological madness, but it will be the most adapted option to our reality over the years.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more attractive in the eyes of visionaries, who have their faith in them, as the easiest way to make a great fortune, either by investing long-term or performing different types of operations in the virtual market.

The future belongs to new technologies, and among them is the blockchain, which stands out in its specialty, the economic security of financial transactions, and is currently expanding to other areas of the economy. With that, a lot of developers are trying to make new apps they can connect with cryptocurrencies, one to note guide is Android App Development.

This technology has established itself, as it is complete at the time of carrying out the operations and protects the information that concerns it, avoiding the intervention of third parties in the consultation and approval of transactions; this is the most advantageous feature of this system.

As you can see, security is the main requirement when investing in cryptocurrencies since its operation and management is exclusively through networks and servers worldwide.

Security is no longer an aspect of risk in virtual market investments since constant work has to update and improve its codes.

The blockchain is the only and most outstanding technology that provides maximum security; this is the great advantage that favors Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that implemented this security system and the one with the highest demand today.

Bitcoin promises to be the most stable cryptocurrency of the future along with Ethereum and Binance, making novel changes in the economy.

Thanks to the support provided by institutions that constantly invest in crypto projects, other industrial and private investors are much more interested in being part of this world of plentiful profitable supply and demand.

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