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“Lucifer” season 5 finished in stun: One of the greatest fan top picks was killed. In any case, presently it is sure that SPOILER will likewise return back in season 6!

The delight of the “Lucifer” fans was extraordinary when the second 50% of season 5 was at long last distributed on Amazon Prime Video. Yet, the return back of our #1 villain carried with it an extreme blow: Dan was killed! In “Is it truly expected to end like this?”, in the penultimate scene of season 5, the French assassin Rob Benedict murdered Dan.

Truth be told, it was Dan actor Kevin Alejandro’s plan to have his character pass on in season 5. Since the crowd had gotten extremely attached to Dan, he thought Dan’s demise was huge. Alejandro additionally needed to perceive how Dan’s companions would act in a world without him.

At the point when Alejandro recorded Dan’s demise scene in the colder time of the year 2020, he didn’t realize that “Lucifer” would have a sixth season. Around then it was viewed as sure that “Lucifer” season 5 would be the finish of the series, so Dan would have kicked the bucket in no time before the series finale. Presently we appear to anticipate a total season without Dan – isn’t that so?

In a recent interview, Kevin Alejandro reported that he would likewise be there in season 6. Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich figured out how to bring Alejandro back without depreciating Dan’s passionate consummation in Season 5.

So Dan remains dead, however, we’ll see him once more. It should be done such that the crowd doesn’t see coming, as Alejandro secretively uncovers. That should comfort aficionados of Dan a piece in light of the fact that Dan will remain with them in season 6 in an at this point obscure way.

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