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Actor Michele Morrone has published a photograph on his social networks where he is seen very complicit with Simone Susinna and has fans a little confused.

Michele Morrone, the actor who plays Massimo in the movie ‘365 DNI’, has published a photograph on his official Instagram account with Simone Susinna, an interpreter who joins the cast in the second part that they are already shooting and who will become Massimo’s main rival.

If Michele Morrone became the ‘crush’ of thousands of people, now Simone Susinna seems willing to take that position away from him.

In the image appear the two Italian actors without a shirt and seem to be fresh out of the pool. Simone appears hugging Michele and that gesture along with the caption has caught the attention of fans.

“I’m a liar,” the actor wrote. Fans have quickly wondered about the photo and his words if Michele could be coming out of the closet and would have published that photograph as a hint.

Meanwhile, Simone also published the same image with the caption on her Instagram account. The comments of the publication of both actors are full of comments from surprised fans who do not stop asking if both could be involved.

Filming for the second part of ‘365 DNI’ has already begun

The erotic thriller ‘365 DNI’ was a success at its premiere in 2020 and Netflix has recently confirmed that ‘365 DNI’ will not have a sequel, but two of the film. As ‘Deadline’ has revealed exclusively, both Michele Morrone and Anna-María Sieklucka (Laura) return for the sequels.

In addition, given the commotion of the first film, they have also advanced that since the sequels will be produced by Netflix, they are likely to adopt a “more cautious approach to some of the themes of the first film.”

Therefore, the sequels will be based on the books of Blanka Lipinska’s trilogy but “it is likely that the plot will deviate from those texts and some of the potentially controversial content could soften.”

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